About Discovery Landscape Design

Morris County's Premier Landscape Design Firm

At Discovery Landscape Design we view ourselves as true artisans of the earth.

Our mission is to think differently; to use unique plant and hardscape products; to present materials and services that make each landscape a true work of art, reflective of our clients’ desires, in perfect harmony with the natural site.

Our signature is quality work that has been designed from the ground up with profound attention to detail. Our customers like to say that “you know a Discovery landscape when you see it.” We agree.

What’s in a name?

“Discovery” is more than just a word – it resonates with possibilities. Our name reminds us that every time we take on a project, it is an opportunity to rediscover our expertise anew, and to discover how best to exceed the expectations of our clients. For us, a new landscape is an adventure. Discovering great design/build solutions is our goal.

Landscaping ingenuity meets customer satisfaction.

Discovery Landscape Design LLC was established in 1994 to provide top landscape design and build services to the most discerning clients. Founded by Paul Berens, a highly accomplished landscape designer, builder and manager, the company grew from a small one-man-shop to a much larger, still growing enterprise, well known in the industry.

As Discovery’s owner and chief creative director, Mr. Berens has 30 years of experience in landscape design and construction. Passionate about his work, and meticulous to a fault, he entered the industry while still in high school. Once in college, he ran landscape installation crews for a large wholesale commercial nursery, managing teams of 25+ people for commercial installations. While in college he was a flyer in the US Air Force, serving as an air surveillance technician.

Paul later returned to the landscape arts. First, he worked as a supervisor running design and installation crews for a large landscape firm. He later founded Discovery, and built it into a flourishing business from the ground up.


Through Discovery Landscape design, Paul Berens and his team approach every job as a work of art, with a clear vision, blended with our knowledge of unusual plant materials, unique design concepts, and seasonal cycles. When jobs call for it, we rely on the services of one of our talented landscape architects.

At Discovery we plan our work so that it is sustainable and remains beautiful over time. Every Discovery landscape is crafted to maintain a property’s natural balance and to feature the finest natural materials. The result is that our projects only improve as the years go by, and gain in value as they mature.

A project with Discovery means the very best results. With hands-on supervision from the top, and teams of experienced, old-world craftsmen, every Discovery project, regardless of size, keeps our promise and exceeds your dreams.